The Magician's Greatest Pay

One of the greatest rewards for being a magician are the smiles, laughters and applause you get once you have entertain your audience truly. The picture here was taken at The Curve during one of Zlwin's recent gig. This girl gave the nicest smile ever when she saw his magic. Good magicians have the intention to only entertain, not to trick or fool his audience.

The Mentalist.

The mind creates its own reality. – Zlwin Chew

Magic and People.

It isn’t a magician’s skills or top hat that captivates people: it is the moment of true astonishment, a moment of childlike wonder.


Show Options

Walkabout Magic
A spectacular show of close up magic. Normal everyday objects are used to perform miracles such as bending a fork with the mind, turning blank pieces of papers into money, producing rose from flame and making a small object levitate in mid-air. Treat yourself to see magic happen right in front of you in close proximity and feel the magic happen in your very hands.

Stage Mentalism Show
"Your Mind, My Stage." is a fully interactive show with demonstrations of mind magic effects. Be amazed with the untapped ability of a human to read minds, do mind control and even successfully predict something from the near future. This show takes you into a journey to explore the magic of the human mind. Audience will have their minds read and blown away.

Grand Illusion Show
"Grandeur" is a theatrical experience that combines unbelievable magic with a huge display of sets and props. This show comprises of acts showing split second transformations, instant appearances and vanishes of a girl and even a teleportation of a person from one place to another. This is a huge show with huge magic made for a huge stage and a huge audience.

Customized Opening Gambit
Almost anything is possible with magic. Making a CEO or VIP appear from thin air to give his opening speech. Launching a product with a grand touch of magic. Kicking off a dinner and dance night with a short fast-paced illusion show. Producing special magic act that is in line with the theme. Making an impression and taking your breath away. 

Magic Travels

Magic Travels

Magic: A Moment of Childlike Wonder

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