The Magician's Greatest Pay

One of the greatest rewards for being a magician are the smiles, laughters and applause you get once you have entertain your audience truly. The picture here was taken at The Curve during one of Zlwin's recent gig. This girl gave the nicest smile ever when she saw his magic. Good magicians have the intention to only entertain, not to trick or fool his audience.

The Mentalist.

The mind creates its own reality. – Zlwin Chew

Magic and People.

It isn’t a magician’s skills or top hat that captivates people: it is the moment of true astonishment, a moment of childlike wonder.


The Illusionist


Nothing is impossible.

Zlwin enters see-through chamber which is then filled with smoke. In an instant, a girl is produced out from the chamber and Zlwin teleports himself to the back of the hall, appearing in the audience. This is just one of the many illusions he is able to perform.

As an Illusionist, Zlwin fills the stage with huge and grand instruments of wonder. He could appear a girl with a puff of smoke, vanish a person inside a very small box, saw a lady in half and levitate a person, among many other feats.

Magic Travels

Magic Travels

Magic: A Moment of Childlike Wonder

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